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Women Sharing Wisdom is a labor of love, and it could not have happened without a powerful and supportive circle of friends. A number of us met online weekly for months crafting this space with women like you, (and us!) in mind.  We are women who love to travel, who love to learn, who love to share. We are a writer, a massage therapist, mothers, an ex-CEO, spiritual healers, gardeners, friends. 

Through travel and personal experiences we are all aware of the many crafts and contributions of women that fall outside the current economic and academic paradigms, so we are excited to expand a web of love and inspiration with more vibrant women from around the world to help shape a circular economy and lateral wisdom sharing, spinning a regenerative web that our world is yearning for. 

Why You Should Join Us

Women Sharing Wisdom is about your empowerment and your joy. We are here to connect you to other women in the world, to inspire you to take action, to expand your sense of what's possible, to remind you that how you show up (and spend your money) makes an impact. We host live, online wisdom sharing classes for/by women, forums for interactive conversations, and spaces to be seen, to create, and to connect with powerful practices. We are just getting started - Joining and participating in this community will help it thrive and grow! Membership is currently free of charge.

If you would like to support the growth and sustainability of this initiative, please consider making a donation: https://paypal.me/womensharingwisdom?locale.x=en_US 

If you would like to offer a class or workshop PM Christine Welker!

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